What conditions do we treat?

We treat an array of chronic illness (diabetes, thyroid, adrenals, gut issues etc.), auto-immune disease (asthma, cancer, arthritis) and neurological development issues (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia).
Through appropriate testing Dr. Doniparthi provides a plan designed specifically for your health concerns with the goal of optimizing your body's systems through:
  •    Macro Nutrition
  •    Detoxification
  •    Food Sensitivities
  •    Gut Repair & Healing
  •    Adrenal Health & Repair
  •    Male/Female Hormone Therapy
The plan takes time and commitment. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for sustained health. Great Health is a way of life and a reflection of all the choices, big or small, one makes throughout each day. 

And start living healthy TODAY