Essential PL

This is MemBrain Health's Essential PL. It is an alcohol free, soy free, Non- GMO, and sunflower derived phospholipid complex. It includes the 4 phospholipids PA, PC, PE, and PI. This product helps our body to rebuild cell and clear us of unwanted cellular debris. Watch this video to learn more about Essential PL!

EFA Pro 6:3

This is MemBrain Health's EFA Pro 6:3. This is a balanced Essential Fatty Acid oil consisting of linoleic and alpha linoleic acid (Omega 3 & Omega 6). This Essential Fatty Acid oil can be easily incorporated into your daily diet by adding it to your food. Do not cook with this oil.*

Liquid Butyrate

This is MemBrain Health's Liquid Butyrate. A lipid based butyrate, this product is 90% more effective than typical salt based butyrates. This is because the Liquid Butyrate does not break down as much before it reaches out small intestine. Butyrate helps to kill yeast naturally, reduces inflammation, and clear our body of unwanted toxins.