Dr. Doniparthi and the FMG Team focus on helping people to become truly well. Our vision is to partner with patients in an effort to go beyond their symptoms and get to the root cause of their health issues.
Dr. Doniparthi feels that despite all of his conventional medical training the standard protocols of pharmaceuticals and surgery are not restoring patients health. In fact, in too many cases patients simply switch one ailment for another.
Dr. Doniparthi practices Regenerative and Functional Medicine, so that you can better understand your health and ultimately take control of your own well being.
Functional Medicine:
  • recognizes the patient as a unique individual with a sophisticated body of systems that work together for optimum health
  • views symptoms as clues to dysfunction in one or more of the body's systems
  • focuses on getting to the root cause of the problem not simply treating symptoms
  • is a patient centered process to restore balance of one's body, mind and spirit
Functional medicine is about disease prevention through the power of nutrients, lifestyle and environment.